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Who’s The Teacher? Tony Danza Spent a Year Teaching High School to Find What’s Wrong With Our Schools

Photo: Barbara Johnston/Thinkfactory Media A lot of people think they’ve got the solution to America’s dismal education system without ever teaching a day in their lives, but not Tony Danza. The Hollywood actor spent [...]

NC State Student Recruitment Film From The 1980s

(YouTube Link) If you’re looking for a good education, top ranking sports programs and a peer group striving for academic excellence then you should probably look into attending Duke, Wake Forest or the University of North Carolina. But if you want to attend college for the booze, buds and sunbathing then you should check out North Carolina [...]

Man Without Legs to be P.E. Teacher

Doug Forbis is in a graduate education program and has done some student teaching. He aspires to be a physical education teacher for children with special needs. Forbis believe he can offer encouragement because he’s an athlete -despite having no legs. “It’s so rare for kids with special needs to have a teacher with special needs [...]

Does education fuel paranormal beliefs ?

A new study has suggested that higher education leads to a greater tendancy to believe in the paranormal. Researchers polled 439 students and found th…

The Number of the Day: 333,500

In 2008, 333,500 bachelor’s degrees were conferred in the field of business—the most popular of all majors. Related Facts: In all, 1,563,000 bachelor’s degrees were awarded in 2007-08. Other popular majors included social sciences and history (167,000 degrees conferred), health sciences (111,000), and education (103,000). [Source: U.S. Department of Education. See previous Numbers of the Day here. [...]