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The Funniest Joke of the Year (at the Fringe)

Canadian comedian Stewart Francis won the top prize for the funniest joke at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Do you want to hear the joke? “You know who really gives kids a bad name? Posh and Becks.” Don’t get it? I didn’t, either. “Posh and Becks” sounds like a brand, like “Abercrombie and Fitch” but them someone said [...]

Slice Skin Cake

Gruesome and awesome. Those are probably the two thoughts that came to most people’s mind when they saw the Slice skin cake, made by Edinburgh, UK, cake designer Gillian Bell. Link [...]

Universities offering ‘alien search’ course

Edinburgh University is to become the latest to offer an online course on the search for alien life. The course is being provided as part of the Cours…

Google’s Artificial Intelligence System Loves LOLCats

Google has been hard at work creating an artificial intelligence system that could revolutionize the way we think about AI…just as soon as it’s done cataloging all the cat related posts on the interwebs. Here’s what happened when it was released on the interwebs to start learning on its own: The neural network taught itself to recognize [...]

One-of-a-Kind Triple-Barreled Shotgun

This unique 16-gauge shotgun deserved its name as the “Holy Grail.” John Hope, the first Marquess of Linlithgow and the first Governor-General of Australia, hired Edinburgh-based gunsmiths John Dickson & Son to build it. The Holy Grail is the only one of its kind and recently sold at Holt’s Auctioneers in London. Link

Vase Shows the Silhouette of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin is best known for the Rubin Vase — an optical illusion that looks like either two faces or a vase. Here’s a real vase that was created for Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. When positioned just right, one side shows the Queen and the other the Prince Consort. You [...]

Queen’s “We Will Rock You” Played on Bagpipes

(Video Link) Some people don’t like the sound of bagpipes. This is because they are weird. Everything is improved with bagpipes, including “We Will Rock You” by Queen. Here is The Bad Piper, a professional punk rock bagpiper, performing that song at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Official Website -via Blame It on the Voices

Amazing Book Art By An Unknown Artist

This great book sculpture and many more like it were completed by a completely anonymous artist who covertly installed them inside a variety of museums, libraries and other locations in Edinburgh, Scotland. While no one knows who is responsible, the artist did reveal herself as a woman in her farewell note. Check out the rest [...]

At the Libraries: Forgotten Bookmarks

Each week Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books. If there’s something noteworthy going on in your local library, leave us a comment! *** Let’s start off with a sweet little blog documenting the strange things a rare book collector finds in his books. A bookish found objects! * A Christmas tree [...]

The Field of Dreams and Five Other Movie Pilgrimages You Can Make

Whenever I’m traveling and people find out where I’m from, 90 percent of the time, the reaction is, “Iowa! Have you been to the Field of Dreams?” I’m a little embarrassed to say the answer is no, I’ve never set foot in Dyersville. But thanks to the purchase that was made earlier this week, I [...]