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23 Animals Relaxing With Cool Summer Treats

All across the country, people are hot and miserable. Perhaps this collection of adorable animals cooling off with icy snacks will help. Monkeys Swoyambhunath of Nepal is nicknamed “The Monkey Temple” for the sacred monkeys that live inside the complex. Flickr user lavenderstreak was able to capture these pampered primates in this delightful picture. Flickr user Sudar Muthu was [...]

Chimpanzees shoot their own movie with "chimpcam"

A new experiment at Edinburgh zoo has allowed a group of chimpanzees to film their own movie with a special camera. The experiment was devised by a pr…

Sneak Peek #2: Animals at War

The countdown continues! The new Jan/Feb issue is just a few days from hitting newsstands, and we’re eager to give you a glimpse of some more content. This issue, we’ve got a spread on animal heroes who served in war. There’s a dog that earned a Purple Heart, a pigeon that won the animal version [...]