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The Late Movies: Geeking Out on “The Edge’s” Guitar Rig

Today in 1961, Dave Evans (known as “The Edge” of U2) was born. In the 51 years since, The Edge has become known for his layered, echoing guitar lines. He famously developed an ultra-complex guitar rig, involving a massive pedal board, a series of rack-mounted effects processors, a stunning array of pedals, and [...]

Macaroni and Cheese Bologna Tacos in Tomato Sauce

When you stand on the edge of a culinary cliff, you may feel some dark urge to jump. Don’t. This is what happens. A contributor to No Pattern Required found an ancient grimoire of bologna recipes from Oscar Meyer. Alas, she foolishly opened it. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

CN Tower Edge Walk

(YouTube link) Have you been wondering what the most extreme thing to do in Toronto is? Me too! Let’s wonder no longer: it’s the Edge Walk at the CN Tower! For $175, some really enterprising Canadians will place you in a harness and send you out along the edge of one of the world’s tallest buildings [...]

Cutting Edge Fashion by Iris Van Herpen

Iris Van Herpen, a cutting edge fashion designer, takes cutting edge very literally with this fantastic (or shall we say sharp?) dress that seems to have come straight from the future: Link – via Yatzer

The Lesser-Known Endangered Species

You know about all the cute, cuddly endangered animals that need our help in the fight against extinction, but what about the ugly ones that don’t get their own specialty conservation groups? Not every endangered animal can be a panda. Some of them happen to be purple frogs (above) or the wormish amphibian known as [...]

World’s smallest engraving on a razor blade

Graham Short has managed to produce the world’s smallest engraving on the edge of a razor blade. It took the 64-year-old 150 attempts to carve the wor…

Gingerbread Houses For Mug Edges

Not Martha has instructions for making your own little tiny gingerbread houses that daintily sit on the edge of your mug, making for a festive and delicious accent to any cup of holiday coco. Link Via Laughing Squid