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The Dalek and TARDIS Quilt

This quilt, by Craftster member graverobbergirl, is a great tribute to this show, featuring a plethora of daleks floating around the TARDIS. My favorite details though are the explosion around the TARDIS and the spacey piece around the edge. Link Via Craftzine

Candid Celebrity Portraits From The 70s And 80s

Remember when celebrity portraits weren’t photoshopped, and the stars were allowed to relax and be themselves, rather than posing on ridiculously overdone sets in the latest couture ensemble? This series by Norman Seeff finds celebs relaxing, goofing around, and occasionally just hangin’ out in full outfit and makeup (I’m looking at you KISS). Take a stroll [...]

Waterfall Flowing Upwards

(Video Link) Storms recently hammered Sydney, Australia, dropping a month of rain in a single day. They were so severe that this waterfall south of the city appeared to be flowing upwards. If you watch carefully, you can see wind sweeping water over the upper edge. Link (warning: auto-sound) -via Technabob

Gallery of Royal Wedding Memorabilia

Presidential Inaugurations, the release of teenage vampire movies and the unfortunate existence of Justin Beiber; each of these events produce a plethora of ridiculous memorabilia. However none has seen such a wide variety of weird trinkets, knickknacks and custom products than the Royal Wedding of Kate and William. My favorite is the Royal Wedding beer! For [...]

Tapistongs: A Rug with Slippers

You’ll always have a place for your slippers with this rug! The slippers fit right into spaces in the design when you’re not using them, and become part of the carpet itself. The rug is called Tapistongs by French designer Lise El Sayed. It looks as if there are enough slippers for plenty of guests [...]