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Was 12-year-old boy a 1913 Nostradamus ?

During the reign of King George V, Edgar Codling wrote down a series of predictions about the future. The 12-year-old predicted that by the year 2000,…

Mother Hen Feels Chicks Distress

Ever hear someone being called a mother hen for being worried and overprotective? That expression may turn out to be quite fitting as scientists have now discovered that a hen shows empathy if she saw her chicks in distress: To simulate this stress, the researchers exposed hens and chicks to puffs of air (as from a [...]

Little Boy Zero

A lot of kids dream of having a bronze statue of themselves in the town square one day, but Edgar Hernandez probably didn’t expect to achieve his in such a dubious method: In 2009, the boy, from the poor village of La Gloria, became “Patient Zero”, the first known person to catch H1N1, the deadly swine [...]

The Quick 10: Quoth mental_floss “Nevermore.”

Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” is 165 years old this week. That’s not bad for a bird with a life expectancy of 40 years (that’s in captivity, if you’re interested – 15 years is the longest a tagged raven has ever lived in the wild). We’ll say Happy Birthday to the morbid black bird by [...]

3D Amazing Optical Illusions

The apocalyptic scene may appear to be straight from a Hollywood disaster movie – but it is actually an amazing 3D-effect painting by artist Edgar Mueller. Edgar, 40, created the work – Lava Burst in Gelder – for a street painting contest in his native Germany. An earlier piece saw him turn River Street in Moose [...]