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The Toadstool Exchange: An Examination of 5 Video Game Currencies

Most of us will spend a great deal of real money on video games, wherein we can spend a great deal of fictional money—only for much cooler things that are more likely to explode. Here are five video game currencies, a general appraisal of their respective economic outlooks, and an indexed exchange rate for aggressive [...]

Parakeets Say The Darndest Things

While visiting the Birds of Eden sanctuary in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, a tourist captured this video clip of two parakeets having a cute conversation. (My favorite is 0:14 "I wanna poop.") Hit play or [...]

Sounds from Dangerous Places: Chernobyl

I’ve devoted many a post to the way the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone — that 25km swath evacuated around the Ukrainian nuclear reactor that failed in 1986 — looked. It’s a wonderland of creepy decay, its buildings full of personal effects because the people who lived there were given so little time to evacuate. I’ve never [...]

The Quick 10: The Almost-Titles of 10 More Books

There are so many books that have been retitled (usually with much better names), I couldn’t just stop at the 10-10-10 list. Here are 10 more books who were almost called something else – you have to wonder if a different title might have changed their level of popularity. 1. Animal Farm was first published [...]

The Expulsion from Eden, Written with Internet Catchphrases

Cartoonist H. Caldwell Tanner drew a version of the expulsion from Eden narrative in Genesis 3 using only Internet catchphrases. He writes “Genesis would have been a lot cooler if it featured blue hedgehogs.” Probably. Link via Urlesque

The Late Movies: 9 Low-Budget “Classic Alternative” Music Videos

I grew up watching 120 Minutes, an MTV show that aired starting at midnight on Sunday night. This made waking up for school on Monday morning hard, but at least I got to catch the newest “alternative” videos (The Cure, The Replacements, The Breeders, that sort of thing) which rarely aired in the normal MTV [...]