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Jumping Stick Insect Looks Like a Sci-Fi Character

Photo: Alex Wild Alex Wild (previously on Neatorama) took this photo of an Apioscelis jumping stick insect in the Jatun Sacha reserve, Napo, Ecuador, that looks straight [...]

A Mushroom That Eats Plastic

Researchers from Yale University recently discovered a mushroom in the jungles of Ecuador that is most magical indeed, for this little fungus dines on polyurethane, a very common type of plastic. Here’s more on this amazing fungus: The fungi, called “Pestalotiopsis microspore”, is able to survive on eating plastic alone—while without the need for air or light. Students [...]

A Fun New Years Eve Tradition From Ecuador

These images aren’t of pop culture statues being erected to spruce up city street corners in Ecuador, they’re giant effigies known as “anos viejos”, many of which feature fan fav characters, that are burned to celebrate the coming of the new year. Ricardo Bohorquez has taken some amazing pics of the effigies being built, many with [...]

Where to Find Penguins

You can see penguins in zoos all over the world, but to enjoy these birds in their natural habitat, you want to go to where they live. And you don’t have to go to Antarctica. Penguins thrive in twelve nations that are much easier to get to -as far north as Ecuador! Read about each [...]

When Army Ants Attack!

Photo: Alex Wild That’s an Eciton hamatum soldier ant from the Jatun Sacha reserve, Ecuador, taking a big bite (well, relative to its size) out of Alex Wild’s [...]

Taxidermy Gone Wild

Art takes many forms and uses a variety of media. A skilled artist can make a thing of beauty out of any available material, including dead animals. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and many beginners think they are a skilled artists. That’s why we have a range of “art” that includes [...]

The Quick 8: Eight Monetary Misprints

You may have heard that a batch of new $100 bills was recently misprinted (and if you haven’t, check out #1). It may be the latest monetary mishap, but it’s certainly not the only one – here are a pocketful of other misprints that may be lurking in your wallet, including a couple of stamps. 1. [...]

Where to See Cute Animals

Here’s a roundup of sixteen animals and how you can see them in their natural habitats. Some of these expeditions involve a lot of travel, depending on where you are already. Want to see a booby? Head to the Galapagos Islands! A little more than 500 miles west of Ecuador lie the Galápagos Islands, a veritable [...]

Glass Frog

No, it’s not really made of glass, but you can see the heart beating inside this frog, one of 30 new species of creatures found in the highlands of Ecuador. See more of the discoveries in a photo gallery at National Geographic. Link -via Metafilter (image credit: Paul S. Hamilton, RAEI)

6 More Lost and Found Airplanes

I once thought that it should be very hard to lose something as big as an airplane. When planes fly into deep water, high altitudes, ice, snow, jungle, or desert, it happens more often you’d think. Finding those planes many years later is a rare occurrence, but it happens. After the previous article 9 Lost [...]