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Hooray for Men’s Underwear Sales!

Good news, everyone! The sales of men’s underwear is up and you know what that means: the economy is finally on the mend! But wait, you say, what’s the connection between men’s tighty whities and [...]

Why Did the U.S. Abandon the Gold Standard?

Some have called for a return to the gold standard. How would it affect the economy? What is the gold standard? It’s a monetary system that directly links a currency’s value to that of gold. A country on the gold standard cannot increase the amount of money in circulation without also increasing its gold reserves. Because the [...]

The Worst Valentine Card Ever

If you’re so broke that you must stoop to buying a card that screams “economy!” on the front, then you’re better off making one from bubblegum wrappers, or not sending one at all. Cheekily, the message inside reads “My love for you is priceless!” The card costs 7p. However much that is in American cents, it’s pretty [...]

Tay Zonday Shows How The Economy Is Like Chocolate Rain

(YouTube Link) The internet sensation behind the song “Chocolate Rain” returns to teach us a little something about the U.S. economy. Tay Zonday makes a little more sense than he did in his previous videos, but i’m still not sure I understand what’s happening with my U.S. dollar situation. Maybe somebody else needs to make an [...]

9 Things Everyone Should Know About North Dakota

Everyone gives North Dakota a hard time. Well, some people in Montana and South Dakota do. People in states farther away can’t name a single thing about it. But we should all give this place more respect. It might be cold, it might have long and tedious roads, and it might not even be a [...]

What If The US Government Paid Off Its Entire Debt?

The idea might seem laughable now, but 11 years ago, when the US was running a budget surplus, the government did a secret study to find out what would happen if it paid off its entire debt. The study’s conclusion? Paying off [...]

How U.S. Cities Stack Up To Other Countries

Have you ever wondered how your city’s economy would compare to a small country? Well, if you happen to live in one of America’s larger cities, you can now find out thanks to this fascinating article on The Atlantic. Take LA for example: With a gross metropolitan product (GMP) of $737.9 billion, the LA metro’s [...]

1 Out of 5 Americans Expect to be Millionaires

We all hope to be rich one day, but Americans – who are very optimistic people – *expect* to be rich. Heck, according to a new poll, 1 out of 5 Americans expect to [...]

When China Takes Over the World …

It’s probably just a matter of time before China becomes the largest economy in the world. When it does claim the top spot, what sort of dragon will it be? Will China be a benign hegemon? The Economist pontificates: If China does usurp [...]

2016: The End of The Age of America?

Whilst Americans are busy shopping at the mall (or too busy scrounging for work), the International Monetary Fund released a forecast that signalled the end of the American economic dominance. According to the IMF, the Age of America will end in 2016: In addition to comparing the two countries based on exchange rates, the IMF analysis also [...]