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James Bond(s) By the Numers

No one kills like Pierce Brosnan, drinks like Daniel Craig or seduces like George Lazenby. The Economist crunched the numbers on James Bond actors by their most Bondian actions. Which do you consider to be the most important category? Link -via Blame It on the Voices

Zoomorpha: The Next Wave of Robot

Everybody loves robots. They make funny noises, work really hard to perform simple tasks of questionable benefit, and are often charmingly skeletal-looking (well, to people who are charmed by skeletons, at least). An article in the latest issue of The Economist contemplates the future of robots. Designers and engineers are moving away from human-like robots [...]

What Would You Buy With $3 Trillion?

Last week, the state-controlled Chinese Central Bank released figures indicating the country now holds over $3 trillion dollars in foreign-exchange reserves. The Economist has some interesting ideas on what the bank could buy if it were ever inclined to shop around for sexy investments, rather than squirrel money away on stodgy foreign currency. The fictional-but-still-realistic shopping [...]

What Is the Most Complex Language in the World?

The Economist has an article about how languages can be said to be, comparatively speaking, more or less complex. The grand prize for most complex language goes to one in the Amazon: With all that in mind, which is the hardest language? On balance The Economist would go for Tuyuca, of the eastern Amazon. It has [...]