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6 Remarkable Police Animals

We’ve seen bookstore cats, animals trained to sniff out bombs and heroic dogs, but now we’re here to focus on animals who have served, or are currently serving, their local police departments. 1. Momo, Nara Police Department, Japan We’re used to seeing large police dogs because, let’s face it, a lap dog can’t take down a [...]

7 Ingenious Hidden Spy Cameras

Getty Images There may be no more important tool of espionage than the camera. It’s ideal for blackmail, collecting information, stealing documents, and reconnaissance. Because the technology involved is relatively simple, it’s possible to insert a camera into just about anything—and throughout history, that’s just what spy agencies have done. Here are a few objects that [...]

24 Utterly Adorable Pet Halloween Costumes

Whether or not you would ever dress up your own pet, it’s hard to deny that critters look cute in Halloween costumes, no matter what species they happen to be. Here are some of the best animal Halloween costumes from around the web for your holiday ogling pleasure. Dogs 1. The Incredible Hulk Who would have guessed that [...]

Video Games Running on a Pen. That You Write With. A Pen.

From the “I Didn’t Know They Could Put a Computer in That” department, apparently the Livescribe Echo™ Smartpen is a pen computer that runs software. No, it’s not a tablet — it’s a computer inside a pen. Out of the box, the pen has handwriting/drawing recording, audio recording, a built-in display with clock, a speaker, [...]

Trying For Twins After 14 Children

39-year-old Sara Foss of Derby, England is already the mother of 13 children and is expecting her 14th. She says as soon as the new baby is born in April, she’ll try to get pregnant again. Foss vows to keep on having babies until she has twins or triplets! Her mammoth brood now comprises Patrick, 23, [...]