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12 Proposed U.S. States That Didn’t Make the Cut

The road to 50 states was littered with wannabes who couldn’t wait to declare themselves—but never quite got to full statehood. Here are 12 states that could have been. 1. Franklin Wikimedia Commons After the Revolutionary War, it became common for states to gift their westernmost lands to the newly-founded (but broke) American government to repackage and sell [...]

Life in The Secret United States City of Oak Ridge

In 1942, residents of a sleepy rural town in eastern Tennessee arrived home to find eviction notices tacked on their front doors. Some were told to get out in as soon as just two weeks, with compensation but no reason [...]

14 Quirky College Donations (and the Strings Attached)

For most of us, college donations entail little more than occasionally dropping a small check in the mail after receiving repeated pleas for cash from our alma maters. Some people, though, tend to be a bit more individualistic with their generosity. Let’s take a look at some of the quirkier donations schools have received: 1. Bequest [...]