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Hippity Hopping Through All of Time and Space

Etsy user Catherine Boucher made these adorable Doctor Who plushies featuring the most recent main characters as bunnies. I don’t know about you guys, but I would love to see an animated Easter version of the show starring these versions of Rory, Amy and The Doctor. Link Via The Mary Sue

Popsicle Replacements: Carrots on Sticks

It was Easter weekend, 1941. Britain’s economic resources were stretched to the limit as it tried to fight against the Nazi horde. At home, people made do with what they had. Here’s a carrot on a stick, kid. Now eat. Link -via Boing Boing | Image: British Pathé Archive

Keith Haring Easter Egg

Marina Galperina of Flavorwire rounded up ten sets of Easter eggs painted in the styles of popular artists, including Roy Lichtenstein, Vincent Van Gogh, Piet Mondrian, Frida Kahlo and others. I really like this one inspired by the works of the late Pop artist Keith Haring. Link | Photo: Keith Haring Foundation

Easter Bilby

Happy Easter, Neatoramanauts – but instead of Easter Bunny, how about if you celebrate with the chocolate Easter Bilby instead? Bilbies, the Australian marsupials have the prerequisite large ears and are no slouch in [...]

Why Are Chocolate Easter Bunnies Hollow?

Many of us remember the first time we got a large chocolate rabbit in our Easter baskets and were disappointed to find it was only a hollow shell of chocolate. Are candy companies trying to teach us a lesson in disillusionment and distrust? Of course not. The answer is simple, according to one chocolate maker: hollow [...]

Keep Your Kittens Locked Up This Sunday

Have you ever wondered why your kitty is so crazy? It might be the nature of cats, or it could just be because the Easter Bunny messed with him one too many times. That’s why you really ought to keep your little furball locked up this Easter. After all, even if he doesn’t take out [...]

Star Wars Easter Eggs

Crack me open you will? Albuminous beings are we, not this crude matter. Flickr user smile!mermaid made Easter eggs that look like Chewbacca, Darth Vader, R2-D2, C-3PO, Jabba the Hutt and Darth Maul. Link -via Craft Previously: 14 Wonderfully Geeky Easter Eggs

Deliciously Adorable Geeky Peeps Dioramas

Time to celebrate Easter with another batch of geeky dioramas starring the most popular fluff candy ever-Peeps! The pieces chosen for this gallery all have massive nerd appeal, so strap on the old feed bag and take a gander at Peeps getting their geek on. Cavities and sugar hangover not included. Link

Easter Egg Tree has a Bumper Crop

Volker Kraft of Saalfeld, Germany has an Easter egg tree with 10,000 colored eggs hanging from it! He and his wife Christa, with the help of their children, use real eggshells with the insides blown out, dyed and decorated and hung with care. Kraft’s apple sapling sported just 18 eggs when he first decorated it for [...]

Draw a Bunny!

You can fool your family and co-workers into thinking you have serious artistic talent by doodling bunnies between now and Easter Sunday. How? Just follow the instructions in the latest tutorial from cartoonist Mark Anderson at Andertoons. Link