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Napoleon Wasn’t Short, Vikings Didn’t Wear Horned Helmets, and 3 More Historical Misconceptions

There’s nothing a history geek likes more than saying, “Actually, everything you think you know about [insert historical event here] is wrong. And here’s why.” In this four-minute video, C.G.P. Grey tackles five historical misconceptions, contrasting the commonly accepted stories with what the historical record actually shows. My favorite is his explanation of Napoleon [...]

10 Entertaining Easter Eggs From Google

Did you know you can make Google do a barrel roll or go askew? Even if you did, you probably didn’t know at least a few of these funny Google Easter Eggs. Link

7 Wonderfully Creepy Gaming Easter Eggs

Did you know the statue of liberty in GTA IV has a secret beating heart held up by chains on the inside? And that there’s apparently no reason for it? Cracked has all kinds of cool video game Easter eggs in this great article. Link

Wonderful Easter Eggs

Happy Easter, everyone! If you’re looking for a neat and wonderful gallery of Easter eggs, look no further than the one Jill wrote for mental_floss. This one above, the eggscellently geeky Battlestar Galact-egg-a, was made by Geeks Are Sexy a while ago (featured before on Neatorama here). Link

Food Fight!

I don’t have an iPhone. But my brother does. He is so into his iPhone, not only does he play games on his iPhone, he designs games as well. His first project is a free game app called Food Fight, in which you, the chef, must defend yourself against a crowd of mutant vegetables using [...]