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Roman Artifacts Found in Fifth Century A.D. Japanese Tomb

Even with the limited transportation technologies of the time, the passage of trade over the world carried glass beads from the Roman Empire to the Fifth Century A.D. Utsukushi burial mound in Nagaoka, Japan: It found that the light yellow beads were made with natron, a chemical used to melt glass by craftsmen in the empire, [...]

Kamikaze Ant

Scientists have discovered a species of kamikaze ant in the jungle of Borneo that blows itself up in a suicide attack in order to save the colony: Several south-east Asian species of ant in the Camponotus cylindricus [...]

Beatbox Cello

(YouTube link) Enjoy some music by cellist Kevin Olusola. He is an accomplished musician, but the senior at Yale University is majoring in pre-med and East Asian studies. Olusola spent a fellowship year in China to study the language, but also managed to perform a few concerts while there. Read more at his website. Link -via [...]

Power of Decision

(YouTube link) Power of Decision is a short film obtained by the National Security Archive at George Washington University. This four-minute preview is only a part of the 12-minute video you can watch at the link. Washington, D.C., February 19, 2011 – “The Power of Decision” may be the first (and perhaps the only) U.S. government film [...]

Ancient East Asian Man Found in Roman Empire

I remember reading in Roman History class back in college that during the reign of Emperor Trajan (r. 98-117 AD), the Roman Empire sent an emissary to China. This information was found not in Roman records, but Chinese. Now there’s some archaeological evidence to support the historical claim of direct Roman-Chinese contact. The remains of [...]