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Gonzo The Muppets EZ-On Romper

  Gonzo The Muppets EZ-On Romper – $22.95 People of Earth, do not be alarmed. Halloween is almost here and the Gonzo The Muppets EZ-On Romper from the NeatoShop is here to save the day. This fantastically distinct infant and tot costume features your favorite Muppet character. It includes easy on, easy off romper and headpiece. Be sure [...]


What happened to all the milkmen? People just don’t disappear … can they? Behold the diabolical scheme of Bertrum Thumbcat, the feline evil genius who wanted to steal all Cravendale milk on Earth. Hit play [...]

The Avengers As Japanese Warriors

‘What if the Earth’s mightiest heroes were stationed in feudal Japan, rather than modern day New York?’ isn’t the title of an alternate universe comic book series, it’s actually the concept behind Alex Mitchell’s artistic re-imagining of The Avengers! His revamps for the group run deep, with Sengoku era appropriate attire, weapons and powers based on [...]

How NASA is Preparing to Visit and/or Destroy Asteroids

So there’s this asteroid, 99942 Apophis, that will make a “close approach to” (read: “near miss of”) Earth in 2029 and possibly again in 2036. Don’t worry, we’re probably fine — there are lots of way more dangerous asteroids coming our way…just not quite so soon. When an asteroid hits Earth (and one [...]

Everybody Jump

People ask the question every once in a while, “What would happen if everyone on Earth jumped at the same time?” Sometimes they are specific in saying everyone on one side of the Earth. The short answer is: nothing. But Randall Munroe at xkcd explains that while the Earth wouldn’t move, there are a lot [...]

The Great Wall of India

Kumbhalgarh, the second longest wall on earth, can be found in the state of Rajasthan in western India. The 36-kilometer wall was built beginning with the rule of Rana Kumbha in the year 1443. Read about the history of the wall and see more gorgeous pictures at Kuriositas. Link (Image credit: Flickr user Benjamin Vander Steen)

The First Photo From Space

Photo: White Sands Missile Range/Applied Physics Laboratory – via Smithsonian’s Air & Space The grainy black and white photo above was the very first photo from space. It was taken from an [...]

Exoplanet covered in magma discovered

Astronomers have found an alien world that could be the closest known planet smaller than the Earth. At two-thirds the size of our own planet and just…

Magnetic reversal hints in Earth’s core

The Earth’s magnetic field may flip every few thousand years due to lopsided growth of the planet’s core. Scientists investigating the phenomenon of m…

5 Pop Culture Apocalypse Scenarios and How They Might Happen

Since the earliest days, humankind has pondered the end of the world. We’ve imagined messianic judgment days, cataclysmic comets, hyperspace bypasses, and Mega Maids. Here are a few apocalyptic scenarios from recent popular culture, how they might happen, and how likely they are to occur. 1. Subterranean Apocalypse Some existential threats are waiting quietly beneath the surface [...]