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That’s No Moon On Her Ear

The only thing that would be cooler than these Death Star earrings would be if one of them was half finished in the spirit of the films. Just don’t let any rebels too close to your ears. Link Via I Can Has Cheezburger

The Science Behind Motion Sickness

(YouTube link) The latest from AsapSCIENCE tries to convince me that my ears make my stomach hurt when I go on carnival rides that I shouldn’t. What do they know? -via Geekosystem

My Little Pony Kirk and Spock

Master ponysmith Sara Bean made these excellent Star Trek ponies. Notice her attention to detail on the Spock figure, which features the IDIC symbol, pointed ears and, of course, a horn protruding from his forehead. Link

How to Eat a Chocolate Easter Bunny, According to a Very Important Survey

Toddler image via Shutterstock According to the BBC, 74% of American children say chocolate bunnies should be eaten ears first. Happy Easter!

Surreal Stop Motion Short-Luminaris

(YouTube Link) This strange little film is called Luminaris, and it was created by Juan Pablo Zaramella from Buenos Aires. If you’ve ever felt like you drift through your day, unsure of where you’re going until you get there, then you’ll probably relate to this short. You’ll also relate if you keep hand written notes in your [...]

Nerd Hello Kitty Backpack with Ears

Nerd Hello Kitty Backpack with Ears – $39.95 Are you ready for your next adventure? Whatever your plans are this summer you are going to need a great backpack to carry all your stuff. The Nerd Hello Kitty Backpack from the NeatoShop is there for you. This backpack is functional, unique, and super cute. Angry Hello Kitty [...]

Nuclear fears over bunny with no ears

New concerns have been raised over the Fukushima plant incident after a rabbit was found with no ears. The rabbit was born close to the scene of the d…

Liz’s 1001 Albums

Liz says she knows nothing about music, but she is willing to learn. So she’s set herself a goal. There’s a book out there that I’ve had on my shelf for years but never really touched. It’s the “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die”. They start with Frank Sinatra’s “In The Wee Small Hours” [...]

Cosmetic Surgery Craze: Pointed Ears

Would you like to have pointed ears like a Vulcan or an elf? There are doctors and body modification artists who will do it for you. Doctors warn that it’s essentially permanent, so be sure of your decision before going under the knife. There’s a video at the link from ABC’s morning show, which is [...]

Rabbit Ears Salad Servers

Rabbit Ears Salad Servers – $11.95 Hippity, hoppity Easter is on the way! Embrace your inner rabbit with the Rabbit Ears Salad Servers from the NeatoShop. Eating healthy has never been so fun. Remember, all that healthy eating makes it that much easier to justify snacking on all that yummy Easter candy! Bring on the salad! Be sure [...]