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Hearing Aid is Attached to Your Teeth

A company called Sonitus Medical recently acquired FDA approval for its new hearing aid system. It’s called SoundBite, and involves two machines: one that slips behind the user’s ear, and another that fits on the molars. Sound picked up by the earpiece is transmitted wirelessly to the mouthpiece, which vibrates the teeth. The vibrations can [...]

Ear Picking

Photo: LiiPo Ching/Mercury News Forget luxurious shampoos, relaxing shaves, and facial treatments at spas. These beauty treatments don’t come close to the Vietnamese art of ear picking: “It brings a lot of happiness,” said Silicon Valley resident Nguyen Tuong Tam, who always heads to a hot toc upon arriving in this city, also known as Saigon. He [...]

Pearl Removed from Ear -41 Years Later

Calvin Wright of Athens, Georgia went to a hospital for bronchitis and received a thorough examination. A nurse found something stuck in his ear. It was removed and found to be a pearl that Wright didn’t know was there! The pearl got stuck in his right ear when Wright was 5 and roughhousing with his sister, [...]

12 Gross Candies Perfect For Trick or Treaters

Because many people wait until Halloween is only a few days away to buy candy so they aren’t tempted to snack on it before the trick or treaters arrive, I assume many of you still haven’t hit the stores to stock up on sweets. If you’re looking to get candy that fits the gross and [...]

Man Superglues Phone to his Ear

It was an accident. Gye Gardner of the Northern Territory of Australia keeps his phone headset in his ear all day. Recently the truck driver hit his head against the boom of his truck and broke the earpiece. Gardner repaired it with superglue. Then his boss called him. Without thinking, Gardner put the piece in [...]

Early Sound Amplifiers

Photo: Noise for Airports Noise for Airports has a gallery of early sound amplifier/locator technologies. He quotes a 1939 issue of Science News Letter about these efforts: The picturesque triple or quadruple sets of horns, looking like gigantic versions of old-fashioned ear trumpets, that are used by listeners for airplanes, are only artificial external ears that can [...]