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Fungus-Infected Toenail Cookies

Why do these bloody toes taste so good? Because they’re actually cookies! Natasha Collins made these cookies as well as severed ear cakepops. Good news, couples: she also does wedding cakes! Link -via Laughing Squid | Artist’s Website

Spider Homesteads in Woman’s Ear

The spider was there for five days before doctors discovered it: A woman who checked into China’s Changsha Central Hospital Wednesday (Aug. with an itchy ear learned she had a small spider dwelling in her ear canal, according to news reports. It had crawled inside five days earlier while she slept. That’s probably something that you [...]

Little Ear Earring

Percy Lau created this clever ear-shape earring called "Little Third Ear," which makes it look like your ear has grown a teeny tiny ear of its own! Link (Don’t miss the [...]

Floppy Ear White Rabbit Hat And Scarf With Mittens

Floppy Ear White Rabbit Hat And Scarf With Mittens - $33.95 Easter is almost here! Get in touch with your inner bunny with the Floppy Ear White Rabbit Hat And Scarf from the NeatoShop. This silly and fun faux fur hat is made to fit adults who are kids at heart. Hip, hop, hooray it’s time [...]

The Dark Starry Knight

Brilliant! I don’t want to see Bruce Wayne cut off his ear, but if that is the necessary price of this tattoo coming into existence, it is worth it. This inking is the work of the Dominika Gardocka i Skorpion Sosnowiec tattoo studio in Poland. Link | Previously: Gotham Starry Night

Inflatable Earbuds

When using earbuds, the quality of sound transmission is impaired by the loose fit of the bud inside the ear canal. This new invention by Stephen Ambrose offers a solution: The ADEL currently comes in two flavors — a “balloon” completely surrounding a driver unit, with the membrane replacing the entire structure of a traditional earphone, [...]

Jason Gets a Prom Date

(YouTube link) Jason Pitts asked Lianna to the prom during third period class last week in an romantic way that made me smile from ear to ear. The lyrics are available at the YouTube link. -via Buzzfeed

Mr Spock’s ear to be auctioned

A prosthetic ear worn by Leonard Nimoy for Star Trek: The Motion Picture is to go up for auction. Expected to fetch up to £700 ( $1100 ) the appendage…

Hear Ring

Hear Ring. Get it? It’s a ring you can hear through. Hear Ring. Well, anyway, Gina Hsu designed this ear horn that can be worn on your finger. She sells them for €345 ($474). Link via CrunchGear | Photo: Wannekes

Artist grows an ear on his arm

In a bid to share what it hears with the world an artist has had an ear surgically implanted in his arm. The ear was placed under the skin with plans …