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6 Extremely Rare National Animals

You’d think the distinction of National Animal would bring with it some sort of benefit – protection from extinction, for instance. Not so. Take the Bald Eagle, symbol of these United States, which has been on and off the endangered species list for over 40 years. Sadly, this sort of thing is far from unusual. [...]

Slo-Mo Owl

(YouTube link) This eagle owl is coming in for a landing. The film was shot at 1000 frames per second, so you don’t miss a muscle movement. What you do think would be the proper musical accompaniment for this? -via Buzzfeed

Bald Eagle Lands on Grave at US Military Cemetery

Frank Glick, an amateur photographer, captured this amazing image at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minnesota. He thought that the family of the veteran buried at that gravestone might like to have a copy, and did some research on Sgt. Maurice Ruch. Ruch, a veteran of World War II, was a US Army marksman who served [...]

Rescued from an Eagle’s Nest

This picture and others from the same sequence are everywhere on the internet today, but rarely is there any source or context attached. These are stills from the movie Rescued from an Eagle’s Nest. (YouTube link) Rescued from an Eagle’s Nest {wiki} is a 1908 film by D.W.Griffith. It featured cutting-edge special effects that were frightening [...]

Wild Bald Eagle Sets Up Camp Next To Captive Bald Eagle

YouTube Link The Orange County Zoo in California has a new and unexpected attraction. A wild bald eagle has moved into a tree above the cage of the zoo’s captive bald eagle Olivia. Bald eagles are spotted from time to time in the rolling foothills, oaks and sycamores surrounding the zoo, but never before has one taken [...]

Giant man-eating eagle actually existed

The giant man-eating “Haast’s Eagle” of New Zealand really did exist according to new research, it would have weighed up to 40lbs and is thought t…

Legendary Man-eating Bird

The native Maori of New Zealand tell of a giant man-eating bird called Te Hokioi. Now scientists have identified a real bird that fits the description. Haast’s Eagle has been extinct for only 500 years, and may be the source of the Maori tales. The bird with up to a four meter wingspan was first [...]

Lunchtime Quiz: Was He An Eagle Scout?

Attaining the rank of Eagle Scout is one of the hardest things young men can do, along with controlling their volatile hormones and not getting laughed at by girls for participating in an organization whose uniform requires a scarf. Some, however, manage to persevere, complete the requirements and join the ranks that few have dared [...]