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Khakis: A Heat Stroke of Genius

The following is an article from the book Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Salutes the Armed Forces. The British Army’s fancy scarlet tunic looked sharp, but was agonizingly uncomfortable in the heat. The soldier’s warm-weather option was a dazzling white uniform -spiffy but impractical for daily use. How to solve the problem? JUST WILD ABOUT HARRY Legend has it [...]

Bob Ross Dyes a Happy Little Easter Egg

(YouTube link) A botched dye job takes painter Bob Ross on a surreal Easter adventure! Or does it?  -Thanks, Woodcreek Faction!

Farmer Dyed Sheep Orange to Defeat Rustlers

Tired of rustlers stealing his flock of sheep, English farmer John Heard decided to … dye his sheep orange! The 48-year-old has put his flock of 250 blackface ewes through a harmless dip of orange dye making them so highly visible wary thieves are giving them a wide berth.Mr Heard, who runs his livestock farm near [...]

Red Dye Made from Insects

Check the ingredients of your food. How many times have you seen the coloring agent “carmine red”? That famous red dye that the British Red Coats used actually comes from a small aphid-like insect called the Cochineal. They live on cactus pad, drinking the sap and growing fatter until ready to harvest. It takes over [...]