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11 Ironic and Puzzling E-Books

There are lots of valid reasons why electronic books have been soaring in popularity over the last few years: they’re easier to transport than conventional books, often less expensive, and offer a variety of ways to heighten the reading experience (the ability to record notes, look up words, and so on). However, there are some [...]

6 Controversial Christmas Carols

When you think of Christmas, you probably envision a row of cherry-faced carolers standing on your doorstep, holding candles and swaying to the soft, delicate notes of classic Christmas songs. But at certain points in history, some carols might have gotten those festive vocalists chased out of the neighborhood. 1. Elvis Presley’s “White Christmas” (1957) It seems [...]

Pop Culture Alignment

This chart shows the moral alignments of nine pop culture characters using the Dungeons & Dragons alignment system. Rorschach as Chaotic Good? I think that Chaotic Neutral is more likely. And Neutral Good for John Locke at best. Top row, left to right: John Locke of Lost, Dwight from Sin City, Rorschach of Watchmen. Middle row: Indiana [...]