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Hand Mortars and Other Odd Guns from History

DVICE has a great slideshow on one of my favorite topics: weird guns! This is a hand mortar, one of the twelve featured oddities from the history of firearms: Hailing from way back in the Musketeer days of the 1580s, these were hand-held weapons capable of delivering explosive ordinance that could have remained relevant all the [...]

Bears Can Count

Let’s keep up the pace, humanity. Other animals are starting to catch up: Scientists trained three American black bears (Ursus Americanus) to discriminate between groups of dots on a touchscreen computer: Two bears learned to pick the group with fewer dots, while the third learned to choose the group with more dots. In some trials, the [...]

Gun Safe/Bed

With room for 35 rifles and 70 handguns, the BedBunker can hold a substantial portion of your gun collection. The vault replaces a set of box springs, so it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your house. When you need a gun, just push the mattress off and open the door. Product Page -via [...]

Functional Star Trek Tricorder

The glorious march to making Star Trek real continues! We already have PADDs. Now, thanks to Peter Jansen, a researcher at the University of Arizona, we have a Next Generation-style science tricorder. Its sensors can measure temperature, humidity, magnetic fields, color, atmospheric pressure and more. Okay, that’s done. Dr. Jansen, please get to work on a [...]

Controller-Mounted Hot Pocket Dispenser

The problem is popularly known as the Hot Pocket Conundrum, and it has vexed gamers for generations. Here it is: you need food, but that requires stopping the game. As this is obviously an unacceptable option, many gamers have starved to death on their couches. Thankfully, Ben Heckendorn has now solved that problem by designing [...]

35-Foot Long Camera Exposes 6-Foot Negatives

Dennis Manarchy’s ambitious project is to travel across the United States and take pictures of vanishing parts of the American experience, such as Native Americans, Cowboys and Medal of Honor winners from World War II. That itself is nothing new, but to complete the project, Manarchy plans to build a camera so large that [...]

Huge Portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. Made from 4,242 Rubik’s Cubes

It may look like a painting from a distance, but Pete Fecteau’s mosaic is actually more than four thousand carefully arranged Rubik’s Cubes. His appropriately named “Dream Big” project took a year to complete, but it looks like that was time well-spent. Link -via DVICE | Photo: Paul L. Newby II

Tsunami Survival Pod

The tsunami that hit Japan in March killed 20,000 people, so that nation is now thinking seriously about how to prepare for this type of disaster. A company called Cosmo Power has responded by developing a floating fiberglass pod that people can jump into in a hurry: Company president Shoji Tanaka says the $3,900 (300,000 yen) [...]

Mid-Car Airbag Inflates to Prevent Passenger-Driver Collisions

GM has developed an airbag that inflates from between the front two seats. It’s designed to protect the driver and passenger during side impacts which may drive them into each other, or onto the far side of the car. At the link, you can watch a slow-motion video of one inflating with a crash test [...]

Real-World Ways to Stop a Superhero

If you’re a villain-in-training or just really interested in how to stop a fictional character with real tools, then this is the gallery for you. From Captain Planet’s susceptibility to pepper spray to the one thing outside of Kryptonite that can stop the Man of Steel, Dvice celebrates Superhero Week by revealing weaknesses for puny [...]