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16 Sequels Nobody Has Ever Heard Of

OK, maybe some of you are familiar with some of these. But how many of these questionable sequels have you actually seen? 1. Ace Ventura, Jr. Josh Flitter played Ace Ventura, Jr. in this 2009 spin-off of the original series that starred Jim Carrey. While Carrey isn’t in this film, he and Flitter do share one movie [...]

The Pelican Brief Project

If there’s one thing I like more than mysteries, it’s complicated art projects done for seemingly no reason. The Pelican Brief Project has both! So there’s an excellent video store in West Los Angeles called Cinefile. One day they found a DVD in the return bin that looked a lot like — but wasn’t quite [...]


In the DVD rental realm, there thrives a species of movies known as mockbusters. Their genetic makeup is comprised of similar themes, elements and stories from the far superior blockbusters that dominate the industry. Production companies like The Asylum create these clones, possibly in the hopes of tricking the consumer, but most likely just to [...]