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What Happened to the Star Dust?

In 1947, the British South American Airways plane Star Dust took off from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with eleven people aboard, destined for Santiago, Chile. But it never arrived. The passenger list certainly does its part to set the stage for conspiracy theories: A Palestinian returning to Chile from visiting a dying relative, two British businessmen, a [...]

Is the Moon toxic to humans ?

Even with spacesuits and other protective equipment the lunar dust could prove lethal to astronauts. A team of researchers investigating the health da…

Owl Dust Buddy

Owl Dust Buddy – $7.95 Dusty computer monitor? "Owl’" help you clean it up with this cute Owl Dust Buddy from the NeatoShop. The microfiber duster cleans [...]

Stolen Apollo 11 moon dust recovered

NASA have managed to recover stolen moon dust from the Apollo 11 mission that was about to auctioned. In the US there are laws prohibiting the sale or…

False Dawn: The Zodiacal Pyramid of Light

Photo: Kwon O. Chul, TWAN The gorgeous pyramid of light above is called the zodiacal light. Andrew Fazekas of the National Geographic News explains the elusive celestial phenomenon: Unlike the stars and gases of the Milky Way, which stretch away from Earth for light-years, the source of the zodiacal light lies between the inner planets of our [...]

The Late Movies: “Dust in the Wind” Covers

“Dust in the Wind” was released way back in 1977. Written and performed by the band Kansas, it was their biggest hit, despite (or perhaps because of) its prominent viola melody — not something you’d expect in a hit pop song. Since 1977 it has popped up all over the place, from a Will Ferrell [...]

Acoustic Levitation Integral to Mars Missions

One of the more daunting challenges of sending missions to Mars is the problem of dust. Due to the atmosphere and lack of displacing elements, the dust can be a menace to all forms of human operation. With challenges come great solutions, though; scientists are zeroing in on controlling the particles with acoustic levitation, as [...]

Dust Photography

Photo: Ujin Lee “Dust” is a work in progress by Ujin Lee, with collaboration by Tom Edwards, where the subject matter takes on a life of its own. More Dust and other neat projects at the link. Previously: Paul Hazelton’s Dust Art. Link.

The Dust Art of Paul Hazelton

British artist Paul Hazelton makes sculptures from household dust. Pictured above is one example entitled “Moth-er”, measuring about 4 by 5 centimeters. Hazelton writes: As I work the dirt towards the immaculate and the immaculate towards the dirt, creation moves towards non-existence. It is here, where material almost becomes immaterial, that the immaculate and degenerate become [...]

Sydney Dust Storm

Photo: Shisberg [Flickr] Residents of Sydney, Australia woke up today to find themselves in the middle of a bizarre dust storm that made the city look like it was on planet Mars! Dust storms are nothing new in Australia, but this one is the worst in decades … but is it linked to climate change? From [...]