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Chocolate Dice – D4 to D20

Photo: Think Geek Why play Dungeons and Dragons when you can eat Dungeons and Dragons?! First the dragon cake and now edible chocolate dice! Comes in all your favorite varieties – d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and even d20! Made by Dice Candies, comes in a wide range of chocolates like milk, organic, white, and dark. Link [...]

You Can Help Develop Dungeons And Dragons 5th Edition

What do old school tabletop gamers, people who have recently discovered pen and paper roleplaying games, and those who are sick of paying a monthly fee for their MMO and/or want to actually see their fellow players sitting across from them have in common? Wizards of the Coast want you to help them develop the [...]

Dungeons & Dragons Song: "Tonight"

(Video Link) Allie Goertz wrote and performed a touching song about how gamers escape from their mundane lives into worlds of their own creation. “Tonight” captures the role-playing experience so very well. -via Nerd Bastards Previously: Dungeons & Dragons Song: Roll a D6 A Song about the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual

Dungeons & Dragons Polearm Quiz

Ugh. It’s been about seven years since I’ve played Dungeons & Dragons, and it shows. I scored only 8 out of 22 (although I did recognize that one was not, as suggested, a “coast guard spork”). My usual weapon of choice for fighter characters was a polearm of some sort, so I expected to do [...]

This Fantasy World

(YouTube link) She loves playing Dungeons & Dragons, but she wants more. Can true love drag a nerd out of the basement long enough for a dinner date? The animation by Brad Jonas accompanies a song by the Doubleclicks. -Thanks, A Seventy!

Dungeons & Drawings

If you’re a geek of a certain age and inclination, you remember the Monster Manual — a compendium of monsters for Dungeons & Dragons, including vital statistics (does the monster breathe fire, resist acid, turn you into stone with its gaze, etc.) and creative illustrations. Depending on your age, you probably have a single edition [...]