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Chocolate Dice – D4 to D20

Photo: Think Geek Why play Dungeons and Dragons when you can eat Dungeons and Dragons?! First the dragon cake and now edible chocolate dice! Comes in all your favorite varieties – d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and even d20! Made by Dice Candies, comes in a wide range of chocolates like milk, organic, white, and dark. Link [...]

Dragon Cake for a Birthday Boy

Photo: Astro-Lopithecus It’s been a while since we posted about it, so we decided to bring it up again! Check out this amazing dragon cake. I see the D20 in the clutches of the dragon and that tells me this was most likely created with Dungeons and Dragons (or something equivalent) in mind. I would [...]

Superhero Alignment Spectrum Chart

Have you ever wondered what hero (or villain) you have the most in common with, based on the moral choices you make in your life? Then this alignment chart should clear some things up, or show you that your fate lies in the realm of supervillainy. Based on the nine basic alignments found in Dungeons and [...]

Digital Tabletop Takes Board Games To A Whole New Level

(YouTube Link) This impressive tablet-style unit is called the ePawn Arena, a digital tabletop gaming unit which debuted at CES 2012. It’s billed as “the next level of Dungeons and Dragons style gaming”, but I think they’re missing the obvious potential as a never ending variety of board games ready to be loaded up and played, [...]

You Can Help Develop Dungeons And Dragons 5th Edition

What do old school tabletop gamers, people who have recently discovered pen and paper roleplaying games, and those who are sick of paying a monthly fee for their MMO and/or want to actually see their fellow players sitting across from them have in common? Wizards of the Coast want you to help them develop the [...]

Skyrim As A Saturday Morning Cartoon

(YouTube Link) Remember when Saturday morning cartoons were full of fantasy adventure? This throwback Skyrim cartoon by Harry Partridge reminds me of watching the Dungeons and Dragons animated series as a youngster, with eyes full of wonder and monster manual in hand. –via Destructoid

Dungeons and Dragons-Themed Sodas

Image: Jones Soda Gourmet soda maker Jones Soda has released four new flavors inspired by the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. They are Potion of Healing, Sneak Attack, Bigby’s Crushing Thirst Destroyer, Eldritch Blast, and Dwarven Draught. I hear that drinking any will add +2 to your constitution for 1d4 rounds. Link via Geek Dad