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The World’s Most Disgusting Flower

We tend to think of flowers as beautiful things with a lovely scent, but not all flowers comply to these standards. Take, for example, the Hydnora africana, which smells like dung. While the corpse lily might be the most famous of smelly, ugly flowers, the parasitic Hydnora deserves the trophy for most unpleasant. But there’s a [...]

Contraband Images by Taryn Simon

Pictured is cow dung toothpaste from India, one of the many contraband items Taryn Simon photographed over a five day stay inside JFK Airport. While items such as heroin and animal corpses are outright nefarious, others–like blocks of pork fat–are just strange. Link -via Flavorwire See also: 10 Weird Items People Tried to Smuggle

Dung helps reveal why mammoths died out

Examination of the fungus found in ancient mammoth dung has revealed new information about what might have brought them to extinction, ruled out a…

Animal Mummies

Thousands of mummified animals have been recovered in Egypt over the past hundred years. They include gazelles, shrews, rams, crocodiles, hawks, fish, dung beetles, and of course, cats. In the early days of excavation, they were considered unimportant, as things to be pushed aside in order to get to the treasure. Scientists are now studying [...]