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Garbage Chicken

Dumpster diving, or "urban foraging" for you hipsters, has taken somewhat of an aura of eco-activism and frugality here in the United States, but it’s often a matter of life and death in other [...]

“The Curators”: Who Runs Online Museums?

I’ve enjoyed The Museum of Online Museums for years — it’s full of amazing collections of odd things. I even linked to one of the collections back in 2007. Now a three-part documentary called “The Curators” visits three curators of these museums and tells their stories. They’re great fun — these are collections any of [...]

Dumpster Swimming

WebUrbanist recently ran a fantastic piece on upcycled dumpsters and their wide array of uses. My personal favorite are these mini-swimming pools, which give a whole new meaning to the words “dumpster diving.” Funny enough, this isn’t the only place you may have read about turning dumpsters into pools, the New York Times has also [...]