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Drunk French Toast

To start out the day in either the best or the worst possible way, Nick of Dude Foods devised “Drunk French Toast.” The bread is beer bread, the milk is RumChata (rum and dairy cream) and the apples are boiled in whiskey. How’d they taste? Nick writes: The French toast slices on their own were awesome, [...]

11 of The Weirdest Burgers Ever

Happy National Cheeseburger Day everyone! In honor of the holiday celebrating one of the world’s most popular foods, here are a few of the strangest hamburgers ever grilled up and served on a bun. 1. Nutburger from  Matt’s Place in Butte, Montana I’m not a big fan of nuts, especially peanuts, so this burger sounds gross to [...]

S’Mores Spaghetti

You can’t just eat s’mores every day. People look at you funny. Turn it into a normal meal. Nick of Dude Foods did so by turning the treat into spaghetti. He used agar powder mix chocolate noodle mix. Then he used a syringe and plastic tubes to shape it into noodles: The noodles are then created [...]

S’more Quesadillas

The main problem with s’mores is that they break apart and get messy with the first bite. Fortunately, Nick of Dude Foods, the culinary innovator who introduced the world to the chocolate covered deep fried triple double Oreo and the 25-cheese pizza, has once again moved the human race forward. He’s developed the s’more quesadilla. [...]

Chocolate Covered Deep Fried Triple Double Oreos

Nick of Dude Foods has made Oreos even more Oreawesome! He took triple stacked double Oreos and dipped them in chocolate. Then, like any sensible chef, he deep fried them. Because anything can be deep friend and therefore, logically, everything should be deep fried. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!