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Duct Tape Bandit

Proving once again that all you need is duct tape, here’s the story of how police in Poulsbo, Washington, is looking for a robber with an unusual method of disguise: With four banks robbed in [...]

Duct Tape Jewelry

Michele Howarth makes and sells rings and other colorful jewelry made of duct tape through her Etsy store Quiet Mischief and Company. She also has a tutorial for sale in case you want to make your own! Link -via Laughing Squid

Realistic Duct Tape Roses

Now that you can get duct tape in just about any color imaginable, why not make your Valentine some roses that are darn near indestructible? As a commenter at Metafilter said, Because nothing says “Let’s stick together,” like a “realis-stick” rose made of duct tape. See how it’s done at Instructables. Link -via Metafilter


We’ve previously seen a TARDIS purse made of duct tape, but this one is a professionally-made, durable polyester fake leather purse. Officially, its dimensions are 28 x 16 x 16 cm, but…. It’s made by Etsy seller Mochi Hernandez. At $250 a piece, they’re pricey, so you may prefer a TARDIS cookie jar instead. Link -via Fashionably [...]

8 Weird and Wonderful Local Festivals

Some years ago, I wrote about 8 Wacky Fall Festivals, which didn’t even scratch the surface of the roster of odd municipal celebrations around the USA. At one time, most of these fairs and festivals were scheduled for harvest season, to show off the bounty and recognize the finest produce and livestock with ribbons. Now, [...]

Princess Leia Costume Made of Duct Tape

First off, it’s awesome to have a Princess Leia costume. You know, with the buns and all. But how cool is it to have a Princess Leia costume made of duct tape? Yeah, that’s what this is! Lindsay Boo Barrasse made this out of tons of duct tape. She gives us some details about how it [...]

Duct Tape Queen of Hearts Dress

Many of you have probably heard of the duct tape prom dress scholarship, but this Queen of Hearts dress brings the concept to an entirely new level of detail. Everything, even the laces on the corset and her scepter are made of the sticky, fix-it-all tape. The dress was created by an artist on Deviant Art [...]