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Ducklings in a Pool

(YouTube link) The heated pool seemed like such a nice place to take a family swim, but when mama got out, the ducklings found they were too short to make the leap! Then modern technology, er, furniture saved the day. -via The Daily What

Officer Rescues Ducklings

You Tube Link When Florida Police Officer Glenn Eppler came upon a group of ducklings in danger he didn’t just keep driving. He stopped traffic and saved the ducklings. “This job, you never know what you’re going to see,” Eppler tells WINK News. “I saw the baby ducks and thought of my daughter. She loves ducks. She’s [...]

Ducks in the Wind

(YouTube link) A mother duck and twelve ducklings deal with a strong wind. This will have you on the edge of your seat, so be sure to watch through to the end. If you think this video would be better with music, there’s always this. Or this. -via Metafilter