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Duck Run

(YouTube link) He went for a walk with his duckling Charlie. Charlie’s legs aren’t as long, so he had to run as fast as he could to keep up! Result: Charlie is the cutest thing you’ve seen in a while. -via reddit

Pet Duck Follows Owner to Supermarket

As a duckling, this adorable fella was shunned by his family and hasn’t wanted to go back since. He now follows duck breeder Barrie Hayman wherever he goes, waiting for him outside of supermarkets and even taking the seat beside him at pubs. Video -via Arbroath | Previously on Neatorama Trucking Duck

Baby Duck Can’t Stay Awake

(Video Link) Nibble the duckling wants to stay awake, but can’t quite do it as he lies in Audrey’s lap. Cue: awwwwww. -via Geekosystem

Lame Duck Teaches Disabled Boy to Walk

Becci Lomax of Plymouth, England encountered a baby duckling that was going to be put down because of a lame leg. She took the duck in and nursed it back to health. As Lomax gave the duck, now named Ming-Ming, a dose of physical therapy every day, her 4-year-old son Finlay, who was born with [...]

Ducklings in the Pool

(YouTube link) How do you get a family of duckling out of the pool? All they need are the right tools! -via Arbroath