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Duality Comes to Atlantic City

(vimeo link) Watch Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall crumble away and then resurrect itself in brilliant color, thanks to the projection magic of Moment Factory. They call the show “Duality.” The full show is over eight minutes long, and happens twice an hour. -via Geeks Are Sexy

The Double-Slit Garage Experiment

by R.R. Bukrey Physics Department Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois We are pleased to report that a classic atomic-scale physics experiment — the double-slit experiment — has now been carried out on a macroscopic scale. We have demonstrated the wave/particle duality of a familiar, “everyday scale” phenomenon — the stream of cars passing through the exit lanes of the [...]

Physicists develop time cloaking

Cornell University boffins have designed and built a cloaking device that can cloak events in time. The device is made possible thanks to the duality …