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10 People Who Have Faked Their Own Deaths

While it’s not something most people will ever have to resort to, there are a few legitamate reasons to fake your own death. Of course, if you do it because you think you’re wanted for a crime, it might be a good idea to check that you are actually wanted first: Bennie Wint thought he was [...]

What Were They Really Snorting?

Hollywood has given us lots of movies about drugs, drug dealers, and drug users. But they can’t use the real thing on the set: it’s expensive, illegal, and the actors would have died on the set of Blow or Scarface. Wired magazine looked up what movies and TV shows use to depict various drugs on [...]

Scientists develop anti-beard gel

Based on a drug used in the treatment of AIDS, the gel may soon remove the need for shaving entirely. Trials conducted using the new cidofovir based g…

The Nerdiest Meth King Ever

What do you do with all that drug money? Spend it on loose women and alcohol? Not this guy! Meet the "nerdiest meth king" ever caught: Aaron Castro of Commerce City, Colo., was one of the leaders of [...]

Police to Drug Dealers: Hey, Stop That!

The police watched a drug deal in Newport News, Virginia, and built strong evidence against the drug dealers … then did something unusual: instead of arresting and prosecuring the criminals, the police invited them [...]

The Drug Avengers Are Here To Save Us From Ourselves

(YouTube Link) This hilariously bad PSA from 1988 is called The Drug Avengers, and centers around a group of time traveling squares who want to help humanity join the Galactic Federation by abolishing drug use across the globe, even though they never seem to get past the suburbs of America. This short features some awful animation, ridiculous [...]

6 Hugely Successful Products Originally Invented for Something Else

Some of the world’s most famous, civilization-altering discoveries happened by accident. Take Penicillin, for example. The guy who discovered it, Sir Alexander Fleming, simply forgot to clean up his work station one night and returned to discover the world’s first antibiotic growing right there in his unwashed petri dish. But that’s not what this particular [...]

Accused Drug Trafficker Shows up to Court Wearing Jacket Featuring Recipe for Crack Cocaine

When you go to court, dress professionally. Well, maybe not if you’re a professional drug dealer: A man accused of drug trafficking showed up for court Friday in Fort Lauderdale sporting a jacket that bore a cartoon-style recipe for cooking crack cocaine. [...] The man’s white jacket looked like a how-to guide for making crack cocaine, with [...]

Are High-IQ People More Likely to Use Drugs?

Mat Hayward / In 1884, a young researcher named Sigmund Freud was studying the mysteries of the human brain when he wrote an article about cocaine. The scientist extolled its benefits in a paper, “Über Coca,” chronicling how he felt when he used the drug. For the next 12 years, Freud habitually used cocaine as [...]

"Heroin for Sale" Sign Raises Suspicions

You know there’s a problem in your neighborhood when drug dealers are brazen enough to post signs saying “heroin for sale” -with an address! That’s just what happened in north Portland, Oregon, last week. Portland police served a warrant on the address on Tuesday. Officers who raided the home found a small meth lab, 19 grams [...]