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Droid Sales Comparison Tattoo

Poor R5-D4. To millions of Star Wars fans, he’ll be known as just an inferior droid with a bad motivator — not a Jedi knight who sacrificed himself for the good of the rebellion. Hopefully fans will see Chris Hill’s tattoo and learn of the nobility of that little R5 unit. Link -via Fashionably Geek

R2-D2 Turntable

Party droid R2-D2 is ready to get down this weekend, thanks to a few modifications by Tex Nasty and Ed Hubbs. You can also hire him for weddings and bar mitzvahs. Link

This Isn’t The Bento Box You’re Looking For

Just kidding, there isn’t any droid activity going on with this bento box, just the most delicious Jawa you’ve ever seen. It’s hard to tell, but the guy is made from Philly-style tofurky, forbidden rice and nori, while the background is a chickpea spread on pita over a sky of red cabbage. Link Via Geeks Are [...]

Smoking Hot R2-D2 Terra Cotta Ash Tray

Photo: Jason Schmidt This isn’t the droid you’re looking for … unless you’re a smoker looking for some really cool bootleg R2-D2 terra cotta ash tray! It’s owned by French fashion and furniture designer Alexandre de Betak. Smokin’ hot! Link – via Extreme Craft

Crab Robot

The Crab Robot (Cybernetic Autonomous Remote Barricade) Droid, is a revolutionary robotic sentry system designed by Jamie Martin.”Robot design, modelling and animation by Jamie Martin. Modelled and animated in Maxon Cinema 4D. Edited in Final Cut Pro.”"Policing has been revolutionised with the introduction of the C.R.A.B. robotic sentry system, due to soon be trialled live [...]