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Tuesday Morning Bus Ride

Denise Campbell of Winnipeg, Manitoba, saw some odd behavior in a public bus driver, and thought it was worth passing on to the community online forum. The driver pulled over at a corner that had no bus stop and got out. The passengers, many of whom took the same bus every day, were puzzled. The [...]

How Old is Too Old to Drive?

Yesterday, a man lost control of his car, which jumped the curb near an elementary school and hit 11 people, 9 of them school children. That in itself is unfortunate, but the story gets prominent national [...]

A Taxi Service in Which Passengers Rate Drivers — And Vice Versa

A new company called Uber simplifies the process of hailing a cab. Just activate an app on your smartphone, and Uber will send a car to your location. You won’t even have to handle any money: Uber calculates the total fee on arrival, adds tax and a mandatory tip, and then charges the whole fee to [...]

New Driver Side Mirror Eliminates the Blind Spot

Of course, you could have such a mirror already. It would just be curved enough to cover the blind spot to the rear and left of the driver. But that curve would also distort the image, leaving the driver uncertain about the location of objects in the mirror. Thankfully, Drexel University mathematician R. Andrew Hick’s [...]

Driver Attemps Hit and Run, Gets Blocked in By Other Drivers

(Video Link) On Monday, a teen driver rear-ended a bicyclist in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He then attempted to flee. A quick-thinking bus driver immediately stopped his bus across both lanes of the road. Another driver cut off any escape to the rear, boxing in the assailant’s car. As I watched this video, I was particularly impressed by [...]

Only Good Driver on the Planet Crashes

Before you put a sticker on your car, consider the worst thing that could possibly happen -an auto accident. And then consider that if you make the news, people will read your bumper sticker. It happened in Manhattan. A driver who crashed and flipped on the FDR Drive yesterday might want to consider retiring his bumper [...]

The haunted bus stop

Sightings of a mysterious vanishing figure at a UK bus stop have been perplexing one driver for months. The driver who wishes to remain anonymous desc…

Google developing driverless cars

Google is looking towards a future where cars can run us about without even needing a driver. The internet giant has been lobbying in Nevada to allow …

Zamboni Operator Arrested for Drunk Driving

Fear not, for the streets are safe again. Or the ice rink, at least. Police arrested the driver of an ice resurfacer at a rink in Apple Valley, Minnesota after people reported that he drove erratically: Dornstreich, who coaches the Eastview Hockey Association’s PeeWee C team, said he’d noticed that the rink attendant’s eyes were red [...]

Cat Caught in Car

A driver in Sacramento, California, had trouble getting his car started. He heard a funny noise coming from the engine and found a cat tangled in the motor belts. Firefighters cut through the belts and were able to free the cat, which was severely injured with several deep cuts. The cat was taken to the Sacramento Cat [...]