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Direct Permalinks for Google Drive

If you’ve every researched Internet-based data storage, you’re probably familiar with Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, and other similar services. Google recently threw their hat into the ring by merging Google Docs into their new service, Google Drive, which is maybe the most inexpensive cloud storage available and even provides 5 GB for free. While uploading years [...]

R2-D2 USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

R2-D2 USB Flash Drive Cufflinks – $199.95 Are you looking for a mind blowing gift for your very favorite Star Wars fanatic? Behold the R2-D2 USB Flash Drive Cufflinks from the NeatoShop. This handsome set conceals a 2GB USB flash drive in each cufflink for a total of 4GB storage capacity. They are silver plated with [...]

Computer Maintenance In Six Steps

If you’ve ever dealt with a computer crash due to virus, hard drive failure or otherwise, then you know this comic is 100% TRUE. I mean, who has time to waste constantly backing up the hard drive, and technicians can make it all better, right? WRONG. After you get your system back on track you should make [...]

If Mario Replaced Ryan Gosling

I didn’t see Drive, but I’d definitely go see Kart. Props to Dan Hipp for making instantly improving on Hollywood’s vision. Link Via Kotaku

The Imperial March by Two Floppy Disk Drives

(Video Link) Although the Imperial March from Star Wars has played on a floppy disk drive before, it’s never been done this well. A blogger who goes by the name Silent explained how he did it: The sound comes from a magnetic head moved by stepper motor. To make a specific sound, head must be moved with [...]

First Date from Hell

Think you’ve got a bad date? Not like THIS, you didn’t: A WOMAN ended up as a getaway driver in a robbery when her date raided a bookies’ in the middle of their night out. Unsuspecting Leah Gibbs, 23, went [...]

USB Locket

Gone are the times when we actually bothered with… with… what were they called? Photographs? You know — the paper things with people’s face on them and stuff… You used to could put them into jewelry called “lockets” and — get this — wear them around your neck! Who knew!? Emily Rothschild takes this retro concept and [...]

10 Completely Useless Homemade Machines

Just like the father in Gremlins we all think we have a great idea that everyone else will love as well. Most of us shelve those ideas, but for the few they (unfortunately sometimes) become a reality. Here’s the thing. With all of the online file storage options out there right now the standard USB drive [...]

Guy Fowlkes Arrested in "Gunpowder Plot"

The headline makes it sound as if history is repeating itself, but this happened in Ocoee, Florida. Guy Swindell Fowlkes, 33, of Orlando, was working at the tent at Colonial Drive and Maguire Road but had made arrangements to work at another tent location, according to an arrest affidavit filed in the case. When his girlfriend [...]

David Lynch Plans Mulholland Drive Themed Club

Those of you who are fans of filmmaker David Lynch may want to stop by his new “Mulholland Drive” themed club opening in Paris this Fall. If the club is anything as weird as his movies you will end your evening a completely different, very confused person. Launching in September, Silencio — also the name [...]