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Kitten Drinks Milk

(YouTube link) Maybe I should have said “Kitten drinks milk ferociously.” He knows what he wants! -via Arbroath

Drinks Based on Your Favorite Games

Mmmm….a Katamari Damacy Dashing Prince. Sounds delicious, as do many of the other drinks¬† invented by The Drunken Moogle, most of which are inspired by video games. They even have a few drinks inspired by websites..what do you guys think a Neatorama cocktail should contain? Link

This Guy Plays A Mean Melodica

(YouTube Link) The guy in this video calls himself BennyTheJukebox, and he looks like he’d be a lot of fun at parties. You get a few drinks in the guy, he’s warmed up then BAM! He busts out the melodica and blows some minds. Benny really blows, and this time he blows through some popular guitar [...]

5 Questions: Counting Beverages

Enjoy a selection of numerically-named drinks in today’s multiple-choice 5 Questions quiz:¬†Counting Beverages

The 30 year old ‘adult baby’

30-year-old Stanley Thornton sleeps in a crib, drinks from a bottle being fed to him by his room-mate. It might sound strange, but Stanley suffers fro…

TARDIS Ice Bucket

TARDIS Ice Bucket – $24.95 Transport your party into the coolness of Doctor Who with this spiffy TARDIS Ice Bucket from the NeatoShop. Though not of dimensionally transcendental, it is large enough to hold plenty of ice for your drinks: Link | More fun Party Supplies | Doctor Who items

Chillipedes Ice Tray

Chillipedes Ice Tray – $8.95 Real insect larva in your drinks may be kind of gross, but ice-shaped like squirming bugs is SO cool! From the NeatoShop, behold the Chillipedes Ice Tray. Perfect for your budding entomologists: Link | More Fun and Unusual Ice Trays | Fun Party Supplies

Nine Cocktails from One Shaker

(Video Link) “Layering” is a when a bartender mixes drinks (or components thereof) on top of each other in a container without mixing them. Here’s a video of one skilled bartender layering and pouring nine cocktails. via Geekologie