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Talking Pictures: Smoking and Drinking

Americans have never been shy about indulging their vices — especially during the holidays — and so to kick off our national week-long, post-Thanksgiving food and alcohol come-down, I thought I’d share these pictures of our forebears smoking, drinking and rollin’ doobs. Having a good time is nothing new, and neither is dealing with the [...]

Potatoes could boost water supplies

New technology designed to extract water from potatoes could help provide drinking water during droughts. The method is being developed by PepsiCo who…

3 Foods With a Religious Connection

This short piece originally appeared as a sidebar in the mental_floss book ‘In the Beginning: A Mouthwatering Guide to the Origins of Everything.’ Pretzel Logic One widely accepted account says pretzels were developed in 610 C.E. by an Italian monk. He baked the confections for children as an incentive to memorize scripture. In fact, the shape of [...]

Hot Girls Drinking Keg Stands pics

Hot Girls Drinking Keg Stands Keg stand is a popular drinking ritual performed using a beer keg. Its most common form involves the drinking participant grabbing onto the keg’s handles as he or she is hoisted into the air by others, to the effect of doing a handstand while chugging directly from the keg. A keg [...]

Masterpieces in Coffee

You’ve probably heard all about the art of drinking coffee, but Karen Eland took that to a higher level and made an art of painting with coffee. Have a look at some of the world’s greatest masterpieces, such as Mona Lisa, or the scene from the Sistine Chapel expressed in espresso! Eland also talks about [...]