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Drink Like The Doctor

Need a perfect drink to enjoy as part of your Doctor Who drinking game? Then try this delicious Sonic Screwdriver cocktail. Link

In Which Nation Is Beer the Cheapest? USA! USA! USA!

Well, of course! Our national anthem began as a drinking song. That’s the stock we come from. Behold our awesomeness: Analysts at UBS, a Swiss bank, have calculated that it takes a German earning the national median wage just under seven minutes of work to purchase half a litre of beer at a retail outlet. At [...]

Why You Should Drink Hot Tea in Hot Weather

Drinking hot tea when it’s so hot outside seems like the complete opposite of what you should do, but it’s not such a crazy idea. This story by Joe Palca of NPR’s Morning Edition explains why drinking [...]

Glazed Donut Vodka Is A Sweet Way to Forget Your Troubles

Like donuts? Like vodka? Like drinking cocktails that taste like pure sugar? Then you’ll love Glazed Donut Vodka, just try to avoid the diabetes that come with so many sweet treats. Link Via Laughing Squid

Drinking Straw Glasses

Drinking Straw Glasses – $3.95 Your Mother said don’t play with your food. She never said don’t play with your drink. Behold the Drinking Straw Glasses from the NeatoShop. This one size fits all drinking straw, shaped like a pair of glasses, is perfect for kids or those who are just kids at heart. Wearing your [...]

EU Bureaucrats: Drinking Water Does Not Prevent Dehydration

Can drinking water prevent dehydration? Before you laugh at the ridiculousness of such question, let me tell you that European Union bureaucrats in Brussels conducted a thorough three-year investigation, and found that there’s no [...]

Entire reservoir drained after man pees in it

Over 8 million gallons of drinking water were drained after a man decided to use the lake as a toilet. The operation to drain the lake is costing over…

Vodka on the Rocks

Ah, the stupid things you do when you’re drunk. Here’s what happened to Michal Kawolski, 23, after a few hours of drinking: A Polish man had to be rescued by coastguards after he drifted out to sea on a sheet of ice clutching a bottle of vodka. Michal Kawolski, 23, had been drinking with pals at Gdansk [...]

Ice Age Cup Made from Human Skull

It is said that Alboin (d. 572), King of the Lombards, had the skull of his enemy, King Cunimind of the Gepids, turned into a drinking cup. It was the ultimate sign of triumph against a defeated foe. This tradition, however, whether for practical or emotional purposes, now appears to date back almost 15,000 years: Ice [...]

Need a Drinking Buddy? Hire One

A company called Kind Fairy in the Ukrainian town of Dniprodzerzhynsk will provide you with a drinking buddy for an evening. It costs about $18. Manager Yulia Peyeva explained: “Virtually all of our people are talented. They can play guitar, sing or recite poetry. Today you may want to talk about art and tomorrow to read [...]