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Color of Food Container Makes The Food and Drink Tastier

How delicious is that cup of hot chocolate? The answer may lie in the color of the cup as much as the drink itself: "The colour of the container where food and drink are served can [...]

The Surprisingly Manly History of Hot Cocoa

Before chocolate candy was developed, cocoa was almost always a drink. And far before chocolate milk became a kid’s staple, cacao was a manly beverage, reserved for warriors. Cacao was cultivated and consumed by the Olmecs and Mayans, but is most famously associated with the Aztec civilization. Montezuma the II, who kept a huge storehouse of [...]

The Eggheaded, Noggin-Filling Story of Eggnog

There’s something deeply polarizing about eggnog. People either love it or hate it and of those that love it, even they are usually at opposing sides when it comes to homemade nog versus the commercial variety. Whether you love it have drank gallons of it this year or hate it and gag at the very [...]

Could an ‘elixir of life’ actually exist ?

Scientists in Kazakhstan claim to have developed a drink that they are hailing as an ‘elixir of life’. Kazakhstan’s leader, Nursultan Nazarbayev gave …

Drink Like The Doctor

Need a perfect drink to enjoy as part of your Doctor Who drinking game? Then try this delicious Sonic Screwdriver cocktail. Link

Ancient Americans consumed ‘vomit drink’

A special type of caffeinated drink made from holly leaves was all the rage one thousand years ago. Evidence of the drink was discovered at the site o…

The Missing Links: How to Turn Junk Mail Into A Big Payday

A Perfectly Legal $95,000 Bank Heist Patrick Combs deposited a $95K junk mail bank check as a joke, fully expecting the transaction to be declined. Lucky for him the bank accepted the check – and it was totally legal. Needless to say the bank was none too pleased when they realized their error. * The Bluths Are Back The [...]

Coffee Ad from 1652

This new “coffee” substance sold by that Sicilian fellow, Pasqua Rosée, sounds like just the right drink for me! It tastes good and it’s a veritable miracle drug according to this handbill owned by the British Museum: It supresseth Fumes exceedingly, and therefore good against the Head-ach, and will very much stop any Defluxion of Rheumas, [...]

Courtroom Suicide?

Moments after being convicted for arson of his Phoenix, Arizona, mansion, an ex-Wall Street trader collapsed and later died. Looking back at the video clip, authorities are now wondering if that was actually a [...]

Espresso Soda

A new drink is set to hit Japan at the end of next month. But in the land used to seeing strange and bold new flavors, this one may be a bit too strange. Behold, the Suntory Espressoda, which "combines the rich [...]