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Lucy Lawless Helps Hijack An Oil Drilling Ship For Greenpeace

Proving that she’s still every bit the warrior she was when she played Xena Warrior Princess on the popular TV show, Lucy Lawless and fellow Greenpeace activists took control of an oil drilling ship off the coast of New Zealand yesterday to stop them from drilling in the Arctic and potentially causing environmental damage. Here’s [...]

Scientists To Drill Into the Earth’s Mantle, What Could Go Wrong?

Having ignored dozens of dire warnings from Hollywood and science-fiction novels about the dangers of doing so, scientists are forging ahead with plans to drill all the way through Earth’s thick crust and sample its hot mantle. “That has been a long-term ambition of earth scientists,” geologist Damon Teagle told National Geographic News. But a lack of [...]

World’s largest mud volcano to last 26 years

The eruption began in 2005 and is believed to have been started by gas drilling in the area. Located in Indonesia the Lusi volcano initially killed 13…