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A TARDIS You Could Wear to Prom

We’ve seen plenty of TARDIS dresses before, but this might just be the most fashionable and prom-worthy design yet. I really love how the model is actually strutting it like she’s on the runway -hey BBC take a hint and make this fashion a reality. Link Via The Daily What

An Adorable Dalek Dress

If anyone was interested in creating a list of the geekiest dresses on earth, this one would definitely be near the top of the list. My favorite part of the dress though is that it looks fairly simply to make, but would be an excellent Comic Con costume. If any Neatonauts who are planning to [...]

Tetris Dress

Image: Erin McKean Erin McKean is a Chicago-based lexicographer who writes at the blog A Dress A Day. There she opines on various dresses that she sees and makes. Her most recent creation is a dress inspired by the classic video game Tetris. You can view more pictures at the link. Link via Geekologie | Interview with [...]