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11 Creative Breakthroughs People Had in Their Sleep

You know what visions I get in my dreams? Visions of falling off of buildings (and doing the full body spasm thing when I hit the ground). These 11 people, on the other hand, had dreams that changed the world. Let’s hope that my visions take a turn toward genius sometime soon. Until then, I’ll [...]

Painted Trees in the Mountains of Colorado

“QUANTUM SHOT” #678Link – by Avi Abrams Psychedelic, “Grateful Dead” Trees – Revived! We’ve seen Painted Castles, Painted City Blocks and even Painted Forests. Well, here is an artist with a truly unique subject: Curtis Killorn paints trees – dead trees – in all the colours of the rainbow: (all images by Curtis Killorn, exclusively for Dark Roasted [...]