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3D Printed Toys Made from Children’s Drawings

We’ve seen children’s drawings turned into plush toys before, but Bernat Cuni goes even further. His project entitled Crayon Creatures does the same thing using a 3D printer to produce the final result in sandstone. Link -via Nerdcore

Banana Drawings

Artist Stephan Brusche of Rotterdam composes playful drawings on bananas and posts them on Instagram. He calls them “bananastagrams.” I love this giraffe that can reach the highest tree branches. Link | Artist’s Website

Artists Create Pieces By Burning Designs Into Wood

Artists Tim Simpson and Sandra van Gameren, from Studio Glithero, have come up with a unique way to create their intricate, highly symmetrical ‘Fire Drawings’ -by using flammable paint on wood then setting the lines on fire. Watching the flames race around the panel, burning the meticulously drawn lines into the wood, makes for a [...]

Felted Anatomy

Dan Beckemeyer added needle felted muscles and blood vessels to anatomical diagrams. It’s like the drawings are coming to life. Link -via Colossal

12 Adorable Finger Drawings

Sure these might not be the most amazing artistic displays in the world, but Oddee’s collection of cute finger drawings are still clever and fun to look at. Link

Amazingly Detailed Doodles

These drawings of Roman sculptures are comprised of thousands of tiny doodles that make up all the details. Be sure to click on the link to check out the details that make up these great artworks. Link Via BuzzFeed

Children’s Drawings Transformed Into Stuffed Toys

Child’s Own Studio is a home-based craft business which makes stuffed toys from children’s drawings; some drawings are sent in by adults who want personalized gifts for their children, and sometimes children submit the drawings to make gifts for their parents.  They have a blog, and a gallery of their creations is available on Flickr. Link, [...]

Thomas Fuch’s A Heart A Day

Thomas Fuchs of A Heart A Day draws – you guessed it – a lot of really nifty “heart” illustrations (with a twist). I particularly like the animated GIFs: Take a look at his drawings on his blog or as T-shirts over at the NeatoShop: Link – They make for a pretty neat Valentine’s Day gift!

Can You Draw the Internet?

The website Can You Draw the Internet? wants your imagination. They recruited a bunch of children to illustrate the idea of the internet. And they invited a bunch of graphic designers and advertising people to do the same. Now they are asking for your input as well! You can submit a drawing or vote on [...]

Mexican Day of the Star Wars Dead

California-based artist José Pulido created a series of Star Wars drawings in the style of the Mexican Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) art: Link – via Boing Boing