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Life in the Middle Ages

This funny medieval drawing of a knight engaged in battle with an enormous snail inspired Donna D. to look up other strange illuminations that apparently had very little to do with the manuscript they accompanied. Images from the British Library have modern captions attached in a collection at Buzzfeed. Link

So, You Summoned Me?

This drawing by Aaron McConnell amused me, even though I didn’t understand the meaning. Then I learned that it is a reference to a 1988 album cover by Leonard Cohen. How do the two connect? McConnell explains at the link. Link -via The Uniblog

Polargraph Drawing Machine

Polargraph / slow drawing show preview from Sandy Noble on Vimeo. Scottish designer/craftsman Sandy Noble has devised the polargraph, an autonomous drawing machine that creates purposeful pictures using a pen, motors and string. Artist’s site – via Colossal

Caption Monkey 68: Kids Incorporated

This week’s Caption Monkey photo comes from the previously mentioned flickr pool, which you can join here. I’ll be sending Kevin a surprise since I’m using his photo. You can win something too! Submit your caption in the comments below (enter as often as you’d like), and if you are the funniest (as judged by me), [...]


Almost every site I’ve visited today seems to have a collaborative drawing board going at Flockdraw. So I got a new one for Neatorama readers to draw on. Let’s see what you can do! Link -via J-Walk Blog