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XKCD Christmas Communion

Well that is taking Christmas fairly literally. I ate lots of red meat and drank lots red wine, does that count? I think it should.  -Via XKCD

The Real Bears

(YouTube link) What if polar bears really drank cola like they do in the Coke ads? This video from Center for Science in the Public Interest explains some of the consequences of drinking soda pop the way people do these days. The music is by Jason Mraz and MC Flow. Link -via Daily of the Day

How to Eat Like Your Favorite Authors

  You’ve probably read more than once about how your favorite authors drank -and how to recreate their favorite beverages. But what about their favorite meals? Flavorwire has a literary collection of recipes such as Ernest Hemingway’s pan fried trout, Vladimir Nabokov’s Eggs à la Nabocoque, and Allen Ginsberg’s Cold Summer Borscht. There are ten authors [...]

Alcohol Placebos Can Impair Memory

It’s common knowledge that drinking alcohol can impair your memory but what about simply suggesting that you’ve drunk alcohol? Turns out, alcohol placebos can also impair your memory and judgment: Subjects drank plain tonic water, but half were told it was a vodka and tonic; then all subjects took part in an eyewitness memory experiment. Subjects who [...]

The Amazing World of Coca-Cola

Drank by practically everyone on the planet, Coca-Cola is arguably the most recognizable brand in the world. The company sells 1.5 billion units a day, and that’s not the most fascinating fact about it. The rest of this infographic has more mind-boggling statistics about the Coca-Cola Company. Link From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by eire79green.