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Draco Malfoy, The Hottest Bachelor in Wizarding

Forget Harry Potter! The Hottest Bachelor in Wizarding is none other than Draco Lucius (Luscious? Oh my!) Malfoy. It must be true! I read it on The Witch Weekly … I mean, Rita Skeeter doesn’t [...]

Dragon Guitar

Does it play well? Does it matter? Draco, a custom guitar by Emerald Guitars, has a dragon in the body, another on the headstock and three little ones for tuning buttons. You can view a slideshow of it at the link. Link -via Walyou

Literary Characters that Should be BFF IRL

Who would famous literary characters be best friends with, if they could select other characters from across works of fiction by other authors? Flavorwire imagined 8 such pairings, starting with this one of Holden Caulfield from [...]

The Centaur that Killed the Common Cold

A promising series of tests of a new antiviral drug has researchers so jazzed up about its potential success that they’re throwing around wild mythology-inspired comparisons to herald its ingenious lethality. If the drug’s daunting name—DRACO—isn’t enough to unnerve pesky viruses, sending them scurrying to the darkest recesses of your outermost extremities in search of [...]