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Plastic Surgery Makes Asians Look More "Western"

See the difference in the before and after photos above? That’s 12-year-old Lee Min Kyong after plastic surgery of her eyelids to make her look more “western.” Scoff all you will, but plastic surgery to make Asians look more western is big business in Asia, and growing rapidly: The definition of pretty, explains their plastic surgeon, is [...]

Twin Sisters Give Birth Minutes Apart

Identical twin sisters Amy Gilbert and Allison Oliverio of Clinton, Michigan grew up together, both married their high school sweethearts, went into the same profession, and then became mothers -on the same day! Dr. Timothy Kim was back and forth delivering both babies. “They were kind enough to put rooms next to each other, so not so [...]

Progress on a HIV Vaccine

Donald G. McNeil, Jr. writes in The New York Times that a new vaccine tested on 16,000 Thai volunteers demonstrated improved resistance to the virus that causes AIDS. According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, it’s a significant discovery. McNeil writes: Col. Jerome H. Kim, a physician who is manager of the army’s [...]